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Fanvideos (not mine)!!

Check out some vids I found on YouTube! (Their Frankentim is showing!! ♥)

Do you love me now that I can dance? MotownxHomicide. lol.

and this one is so hilarious I can't contain myself. Tim Bayliss must stand by his man!

And while I'm at it I'm going to mention that I'm trying to get a H:LotS slash comm off the ground but at present we only have, I think, 4 members. So if you ship slash in H:LotS come to the comm and show your love!! ♥ ♥

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These are great!
Aren't they? I didn't make them but they're so funny. With how dark H:LotS is it's nice to have a laugh.^^
Oh and btw, I love your userpics. So cute!! I wish we could get some Due Southers into Homicide cos they keep their fandom ROLLING. lolz. ♥
Seriously! Due South is like the Energizer Bunny of Fandoms! I'm always amazed at how strong it's still going. (Also, thanks!)
I know. I remember when I was watching X-Files in the nineties DS was a major presence in fanfiction online then I only realized recently it's totally still going. DSers are amazing - how industrious they are! Sorry for blabbering - I'm psyched because I've been watching music videos on YouTube and I'm in fandom overload!^^ lol.
DS is pretty awesome because it's constantly recruiting new people into the fandom all the time. HLotS seems to be made up of mostly people who watched it at the time it aired. And a lot of those people have moved on to other fandoms. Also, it can be rather dark & procedural. So maybe that's why it hasn't stayed crazy active like DS. I dunno.

In case you haven't seen it, I think this is possible my favorite HLotS vid of all time:
You by Barkley
Oh, wow! Thanks for the tip! That video was great! Thanks a lot!!^^ Umm, sorry to keep on chattering but...I wanted to just say that if ever the impulse comes to you feel free to join the Homicide Slash Comm! (I'm into recruiting more Homicide Slash fans and I thought maybe it might be your thing. I'm totally into Frank&Tim myself so... Naaa, I'm embarrassed to plug it so shamelessly but I want our fandom to grow! lolz - sorry.)
Hey, that's great! And yep, I already friended it.
lol. Thanks! So glad to have you! (I will skulk off and hide my head in shame for my shameless plugging...^^)
No no, plug away! How else will recruit people to our awesome fandom? :)
hee hee. True that.^^
Yo! It's me, ILovePartnerLove! It was way cool of you to post the links to my vids Meg considering I would never have gotten around to it myself probably... Thanks for the favorable opinion of them! Anyway, I so love the cross fandoming of chat about Due South on here as you well know that that is my new fandom crush... Thanks thanks. I will post my Homicide icons myself to HomiSlash sometime very soon, promise.
(That is a fantastic icon!)
Thanks! Sometime I'll post my Due South icons too... I think I just joined the ds_icons lj...