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Busting a cap in Homicide: Life Everlasting!

Yo. I have something to offer this time! So I've been screencapping all night long... (To be honest, the corner of my index finger is a little chafed from the dragging and clicking. lol.) I started, of all things, with the movie! There are way too many caps to put in one file so I've chopped them up into bite size (or mostly bite size) pieces for the consumption of whomever wants them. The first folder is all Al Giardello all the time!

There are 36 pictures in the first zip. Mediafire links are posted on my lj where I'll post other screencaps. So check it out!

Homicide: Life Everlasting Screencaps:
Oh, yeah, it's on!

(and back to watching clips of Wilby Wonderful on Youtube while waiting for Mediafire to upload my zips. grr... & callum keith rennie is fine.^^)
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