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fic - hickey - frank/tim [25 May 2010|10:22pm]

Title: Hickey
Fandom: H:LotS
Author: murderdetective
Rating: NC-17
Ship: Frank/Tim (FrankenTim)
Word count: 2,838
Summary: Single!Frank and Tim get it on in the bedroom.
Author’s note: I had a need for a not soquick romp in the bedroom, with Frank and Tim.
Disclaimer: If I owned it Mary wouldn't exist, Frank wouldn't have had a stroke, Tim wouldn't have killed two guys, and Frank and Tim would be knocking boots. Do you remember any of that happening?
Beta: The ever fabulous omg_wtf_yeah, and the slave driver kay_greatness.

(There be sexing under this fake cut.)
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16 H:LotS & K. Secor Icons [03 Jan 2010|02:27am]

16 H:LotS Icons
12 H:LotS movie and epi
(Frank & Tim, Kay Howard)
4 Kyle Secor

The rest are here @ my journal.

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Mini-Picspam [22 Dec 2009|12:52am]

Hiya, people. I have a mini-picspam of our beloved Frank Pembleton at my lj, and I was thinking you guys might want to post your own favorite Homicide pictures, too. :)

Frank Mini-Picspam @ my LJ

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screencaps [29 Apr 2009|05:11pm]

Howdy. Long time, no see. :) I haven't been very fandom-active lately so I capped the second episode ever (Ghost of a Chance). Yknow, I think I'm getting much better at this. The first time I made caps I made them pretty small and the second set of caps were significantly larger but watermarked. These are much larger and unmarked.

248 Ghost of a Chance (1.02) screencaps: 1280x795 size; Photobucket & Mediafire @ my journal.

Damn, maybe it's just me (it's totally not just me) but everyone looks stellar in the second episode! Foxy, guys, very foxy. That classic first season feel... You'll all understand my appreciative sigh.

☆ Slight tangent: Anybody see the commercials for the new Star Trek movie? -- if anyone wanted to pen some crack Homicide/ST crossovers or fusions I might offer to have your children. LOL. ;)

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screencaps (gone for goode and the movie) [18 Dec 2008|03:53am]

Hello, hello! I wanted to tell anyone who cares that I capped the first episode (Gone for Goode) and uploaded all of my movie caps to Photobucket for individual picture perusal (I have to finish capping the movie sometime but I'm just...too unmotivated).
Btw, my goodness, Pembleton is too fine in Gone for Goode...and Bayliss...;p

321 Gone for Goode - at photobucket
629 Life Everlasting - at photobucket
or at my journal.
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[15 Dec 2008|09:45pm]

[ mood | confused ]

More Holiday Icons
♥ 3 Due South
♥ 5 H:LotS
♥ 8 Psych
♥ 1 X-files
♥ Special Xmas M*A*S*H suprise!!

Don't tease me this Xmas

♥Merry Xmas♥
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Holiday Text Icons [12 Dec 2008|07:44pm]

♥Holiday Text Icons♥
23 ♥icons♥
♥4 Due South
♥11 H:lots
♥3 M*A*S*H
♥4 Stock
♥3 X-Files


♥Happy Holidays♥
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Hey Hey Hey Wallpapers coming this way! [12 Dec 2008|05:06am]

[ mood | awake ]

Hey guys it's me mad_lynnthis is my name for wallpapers. Which I have for all of you ^_^

♥ 1 Due South
♥ 3 H:LotS
♥ 1 Manga
♥ 1 M*A*S*H

♥Life's a Cabaret♥

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Homicide Fanfiction [07 Dec 2008|04:51am]

[ mood | disappointed ]

Title: (20. I hate you, you bitch.), (7. Prove it.) and (Coming Home [2/?])
Rating: T
Characters: Frank, Tim
Summary: (#7) Around the fourth season, Frank and Tim disagree on a case. Comedic. (Coming Home) Set after the movie, when Tim is released from prison Frank lends him a helping hand. (#20) Set during the fifth season, before Betrayal. Bayliss and Pembleton discuss Frank's relationship with Mary following a difficult case. Subtext.
Warnings: (#20) Some coarse language, peripheral infanticide.
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to someone else.
Prompt: #20 I hate you, you bitch. The restIn this post.

#20: ( Over his shoulders the broken gray streets of Baltimore passed by, nondescript and dilapidated. The waning sun illuminated debris scattered on the sidewalks and in the storm drains by the road. )

Coming Home [2/?]: ( Stillness belying a struggle. They worked in those slow circles, back to the place they’d once been – back to where they belonged. )

#7: ( Don’t nobody say the honeymoon don’t last. )

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Homicide Fanfiction [30 Nov 2008|10:47pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Title: Various prompts for the Unlove You Challenge
Rating: 13
Fandom: Homicide: Life on the Street
Characters: Frank and Tim
Summary: #9 - Set after the movie. When Tim is released from prison Frank offers a helping hand. #12 - Set during the sixth season. Tim is drunk. #26 Set after Fallen Heroes. Frank's introspective. Subtext.
Warnings: Mild profanity. Alcohol use (#12). First person perspective (#26).
Disclaimer: The characters of Frank Pembleton and Tim Bayliss as well as the series Homicide belong to NBC, Tom Fontana and David Simon.
Prompts: #9 Always wondered what this would be like (1/10). #12 I'm drunk. #26 I can be like you.

All it was was remembering what was forgotten without forgetting it at all.

Six drinks made his head light. He dropped his hand to the bar and his fingers slid over the condensation from his glass.

You and I - we're more similar than people think. We show it differently.

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Turkey Time for Homicide [26 Nov 2008|04:38pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

I bring ♥ 13 Homicide: Life on the Street Thanksgiving icons ♥ a la Hate Crimes!

After You!

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Unlove You: 2. I was wrong about you. [24 Nov 2008|01:29am]

[ mood | amused ]

Sorry, two posts in two days is a bit excessive but I'm trying to complete these in time for my little sister's birthday and if I don't post I'll get all backed up...

Title: (2. I was wrong about you.)
Rating: PG
Fandom: Homicide: Life on the Street
Pairing: Frank/Tim
Summary: Preslash, set after the events in Life Everlasting. (Spoilers for the entire series.) Tim is more than his appearance.
Disclaimer: The characters of Frank Pembleton and Tim Bayliss belong to NBC, A&E possibly, Tom Fontana and David Simon, with an enormous debt of gratitude to Kyle Secor and Andre Braugher for bringing them to life. ♥ As for myself, I own nearly nothing let alone a televison franchise.
Prompt: #2 I was wrong about you.

Frank was wrong about him...

☆ While I'm at it I'll let you know I have more screencaps at my personal lj - this time all the characters are present. (lol.)
I have got to change how I cap - I have six hundred caps of the first twenty minutes of the movie!
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Unlove You: 1. You were right about me. [23 Nov 2008|01:56am]

[ mood | cold ]

Heya. I claimed Homicide & Frank/Tim at un_love_you, a fanfiction challenge comm. (Two other people can claim it, too, according to their rules. ;p)
I've never written fanfiction before but, well, it's just for fun so what does it matter?

Title: (1. You were right about me.)
Rating: PG
Fandom: Homicide: Life on the Street
Pairing: Frank/Tim
Summary: Preslash, set after the events in Life Everlasting. Frank walks away.
Disclaimer: The characters of Frank Pembleton and Tim Bayliss belong to NBC, A&E possibly, Tom Fontana and David Simon, with an enormous debt of gratitude to Kyle Secor and Andre Braugher for bringing them to life. ♥ As for myself, I own nearly nothing let alone a televison franchise.
Prompt: #1 You were right about me.

Frank could walk away.

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Busting a cap in Homicide: Life Everlasting! [21 Nov 2008|06:39am]

[ mood | weird ]

Yo. I have something to offer this time! So I've been screencapping all night long... (To be honest, the corner of my index finger is a little chafed from the dragging and clicking. lol.) I started, of all things, with the movie! There are way too many caps to put in one file so I've chopped them up into bite size (or mostly bite size) pieces for the consumption of whomever wants them. The first folder is all Al Giardello all the time!

There are 36 pictures in the first zip. Mediafire links are posted on my lj where I'll post other screencaps. So check it out!

Homicide: Life Everlasting Screencaps:
Oh, yeah, it's on!

(and back to watching clips of Wilby Wonderful on Youtube while waiting for Mediafire to upload my zips. grr... & callum keith rennie is fine.^^)
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OMG icons!!! [20 Nov 2008|02:04am]

[ mood | busy ]

Oh My Gosh Seriously! Are you for real!?! More icons!!!!

93 Icons
♥ 59 Homicide: Life Of Street
♥ 4 Harry Potter
♥ 19 M*A*S*H
♥ 12 X-Files 

You know what it's for, Frank.

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Multi Fandom Text Icons [15 Nov 2008|10:05pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

[27] Icons Total
[9] Due South
[9] Homicide: Life on the Street
[9] X-Files

We're gonna neutron this bastard!

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Fanvideos (not mine)!! [14 Nov 2008|11:03pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Check out some vids I found on YouTube! (Their Frankentim is showing!! ♥)
Stand by your man!Collapse )

And while I'm at it I'm going to mention that I'm trying to get a H:LotS slash comm off the ground but at present we only have, I think, 4 members. So if you ship slash in H:LotS come to the comm and show your love!! ♥ ♥

♥ xposted to: hlots, thewaterfront.

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icons are sweet, sweet love! [11 Nov 2008|12:11am]

[ mood | amused ]

Hey Hey Hey and yo to all the M*A*S*H fans <3
I've made tons of icons and now would like to share with the rest of the class!

Here's how it breaks down
127 icons
37 Commander in Chief
52 Homicide: Life on the Street
03 Manga Haruka Minami
22 M*A*S*H
13 Kyle Secor

fandoms are love!
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Ha-Ha-Homiween Icons!!!!! [29 Oct 2008|12:22am]

Hi Guys! Happy Halloween! I made some Halloween icons and I thought I should post them for everyone for Halloween! (Sorry they're so late!!) 

2 Homicide: Life on the Streets (Halloween Edition!!!)
<3 Comments & Credit are appreciated! <3

Have a great Halloween!!!!
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Frankentim <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Fanvids [20 Aug 2008|12:53am]

[ mood | weird ]

Hey, hey, hey! I made some fanvideos and I thought you guys might check them out. (Mostly Frankentim. <3

Check it out! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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